At the GB Trading & Industries, you, our customers are our primary focus. All we do everyday is to ensure that we can make good quality shirts at affordable prices, delivered to you as fast as we possibly can. Based in Singapore, we have operations in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. As a company committed to the concept of Kaizen, or continual improvement, we are proud to have printed millions of tees with very satisfied customers. We believe you too, will be satisfied with our products.


Provide excellent services and quality assurance to all our customers. With our friendly and responsible sales representatives,
we aim to provide quick response to all inquiries and also making sure that they receive their tee shirts in satisfaction.


We provide a wide range of ready made tee shirts that come in different materials, designs, exciting colours and assorted sizes.
Reallyworks is also specialised in custom made apparels for corporate companies, schools and events tees for different occasions.